What We Do

Welcome to Driving Feel, where the feeling is the passion.

Feel free to poke around and be immersed into our family passion for cars. The main focus of our site is to share our passion for cars and to provide some business services to fellow enthusiasts around western Montana and the World as well. We have a passion for cars and driving and we love to share it, whether it is by taking some of our cars to car shows, driving them at the track and doing a writeup, or just chatting about them with anyone who will listen!

We understand that most car enthusiasts do not have an unlimited bank account and we are squarely a part of that same crowd! Because of that, we like to share information about cars we come in contact with and get the opportunity to own and drive. Most of these cars are used and more affordable, and hopefully by us providing some feedback on these cars we can help others find the perfect ‘drivers’ car for them that fits into their budget!

We also provide actual tangible services such as affordable indoor and heated car storage in Western Montana, monthly home tire pressure checking service, and a specialized car dealership and locator service. You can find information about these services on our web page here and if you still have any questions, feel free to contact us. The idea for these services is to allow us to grow our business to the point where we can build our dream dealership and private country club race track in Western Montana.