Ferrari 599 GTO

The one big missing item from the showroom floor was the new F12 which is the replacement for the 599. The F12 is just now rolling off of the production line so I did not expect to actually see one in the showroom.

While they did not have a F12 in the showroom, they had what I would consider a better alternative, a wonderful 599 GTO. This car was the pinnacle of the 599 series and like the two other GTO’s (250 & 288) in Ferrari’s history, they were made for the track and were legal (barely) to drive on the road. This car was actually not for sale but was as new and still had the window sticker in it. The price was listed at over $450k. The color combo was awesome as well.

There was also a nice lighter blue colored Ferrari California on the showroom floor as well, but the California doesn’t light my fire, so I did not include a picture of it.

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