Ferrari 288 GTO

The 288 GTO was built back in 1984 for racing and used a turbo charged V8 that produced 400 HP which is small in todays world, but was huge back in the mid 1980’s. The body was based on the 308 GTB but was heavily modified and while it may have resembled the 308, it was a completely different beast. The production number I have seen thrown around was only 273 of them being built. This is truly one of my personal dream cars. Some day….

The F40 was a continuation and ‘Evolution’ of the 288 GTO and was even more track oriented than the 288 and commemorated the 40th year of Ferrari, hence the name F40. As you might imagine, the F50 did the same for Ferrari’s 50th anniversary and it was a much more refined car than the F40 and could even go topless. The Enzo was originally designed and intended to be the F60, but instead they named it after Enzo Ferrari himself. The Enzo is extremely popular and for good reason… just look at it and its performance!

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