Car Storage

Located in the tranquil town of Victor Montana, is an insulated storage area for your vehicle. The enclosed storage area is insulated and heated all year round and has a zero height entry through the rollup door so even cars with just the minimum amount of ground clearance can gain access. There are no windows looking into the warehouse area so no prying eyes can see what is inside.

Things we include

  • Heated location for peace of mind during the winter months
  • Security Alarm
  • Battery tender attached to keep your battery fresh and ready
  • Secure location without signs indicating what might be inside.
  • 100% Paved access to the storage area
  • Access to your car during normal business hours (weekdays 9-5)
  • After hours pickup or delivery upon prearranged basis.
  • We will check tire pressures and start your car monthly for a nominal fee.

It is advisable to continue to carry at least “Storage Insurance” on your vehicle in the event of some catastrophe.

$85 per month – Basic storage
$100 per month – With monthly vehicle starting and tire pressure checking service