At the track

Welcome to our page dedicated to our time spent on the race track. Here in Montana there are not a lot of road courses available but there is a small little track hidden on the airport grounds at Helena Montana and we routinely make visits to the track and run some cars through it with full GPS testing equipment. You will find a list of all the cars we have tested below and their test results.

Be sure to click on the individual vehicles in the table below to view our review and write-up on the car as well as see in car footage, detailed break downs of each segment of the track and a full score sheet and test summary for each vehicle.

MakeModelModel YearLap Time1/4 Mile0-60 mph5-60 mphLat. G60-0 mph
DodgeViper GTS ACR200163.21@64.9313.38@1135.16sec4.43sec0.90G110ft
DodgeNeon SXT200272.79@56.4417.97@7910.43sec10.07sec0.73G171ft
MazdaMX-5 Miata199074.35@55.2018.73@7212.17sec12.08sec0.83G169ft