2008 Nissan 350Z Nismo

We had seen this car had setting on the local Nissan lot for a good while and I even stopped to look at it then. It was finally purchased and we have seen it around Missoula several times. The 350Z was a good car and a good continuation of the Z theme. It offered a good sporting car for a reasonable price with 306 HP and a decent chassis. By the time 2008 rolled around the 350Z had been around for several years and they were looking to spruce up the lineup with a special edition car so they turned to their in-house tuner division, NISMO (NISsan MOtorsports), which typically builds add on accessories and parts. But the factory figured they might as well do it for you and make a special edition car. What they came up with was the 350Z NISMO which is what this car is.

The NISMO edition does have a different exhaust, but the power rating remains the same, but it does include re-tuned suspension, brembo brakes, limited slip diff, new front & rear fascia, new side skirts, aggressive (and functional) diffuser and rear wing and new wheels. The car is intended to be a more track focused car, which DF is always a fan of, though even a modest 10-20 hp boost would have been nice.

This is a nice example of this fairly rare car.


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