1996 Corvette LT4 – $7500 (SOLD)

This is a very nice running 1996 Corvette Coupe with the very desirable, and somewhat rare, LT4 330HP motor and Manual 6-speed transmission. We saved this car after it was sitting under a tarp and we have been working on it to get it back into excellent running condition. It just pains our heart to see good sporty cars not being used as they were intended, so we sometimes just have to buy them and fix them. We performed the following work to bring the car back to its youthful life…

  • Removed and cleaned a sticky injector and replaced all the injector O-rings
  • Replaced the water pump and thermostat
  • Replaced the fuel filter
  • Other minor items (wiper blades, etc)

The car is now running excellent and its really fun to drive. Everything works on the car such as all the lights and gauges, retractable antenna, etc. The interior is all there and in relatively nice condition for 20+ years old. There is some wearing on the driver seat side bolsters, but no tears.

Be aware, the car is not perfect. Here are some of the flaws:

The paint is not very good. The previous owner let it sit next to a burning BBQ canister and the heat made the paint bubble on the drivers side rear. (See picture). We used some touch up paint to make it look better, but it is not great. The rest of the paint could use a nice buff as its old and was under a tarp.

The tires have lots of tread, but they have some minor cracking on the sidewall. They are all the same size, but they are not matching brands.

The A/C kicks on, but does not blow cold air, it needs a recharge. We did not check for leaks.

We like old cars, especially sports cars, and we just wanted to see this one get on the road again and  let someone else really enjoy a great driving car. It is really fun to drive and has the very desirable 330hp LT4. It is the last year of the C4 and with the manual trans (the only way you could get a LT4) it is a hoot to drive.


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